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Re: Lists of Maintainers

>>"Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

Jim> I've got a bit too many things on my plate to do this in a timely
Jim> manner. Nevertheless, I think it's pretty important.
Jim> Does anyone else want to take this over?

	I'll bite. What were you planning on doing? Can we get an
 effort started by just doing a maintainer ping, asking for the
 location (city, country, latitude, longitude) and massage it into a
 xearthe file? This is lo-tech, but is easy to do (I'll collate all
 the data), and will set up an fairly upto date file for all people
 willing to have this data made public.

	This could also be made an optional part of the new maintainer
 process, to ensure the data is updated.

	Setting up a web based system can then be done at our leisure
 (or maybe a pgp-signed email message can remain the interface).

	What do people think? if it is acceptable, I'll send out a
 developer ping explaining this and asking for a pgp-signed reply with
 location data.

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