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Re: debian fragility

>>>>> "Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

    Raul> Debian can be rather fragile at times.  At the moment, as a
    Raul> workaround, we have the predepends mechanism.  However, this
    Raul> doesn't always work.  For example, I had dselect's ftp
    Raul> method fail to work because libnet-perl wasn't configured
    Raul> because data-dumper wasn't installed.

As long as one stays with the stable release of Debian, I've found
there are no problems with dependancies.

>From this,

    Raul> [I'm not even going to get into this whole thing where libc5
    Raul> conflicts with libc5-dev, and many packages depend on
    Raul> libc5-dev.  That's transient, I know -- but frustrating.]

I can guess that you've been poking around with the unstable
distribution, and thus now have an unstable system.

If you want the newest and niftiest packages, you're going to have to
deal with a bit of fragility; 2.0 is by far not done. Just wait a bit,
and we'll iron out most of the bugs.

Most people don't mess with unstable (and rightfully so!) so they
won't be running into these sorts of problems.

If you *do* run into dependancy problems with stable, you should
submit a bug. 

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