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Re: feature request for the install system : install linux from linux ?

On Aug 4, Michel LESPINASSE wrote
> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> > dpkg has a feature to install onto a different root dir. You could mount
> > the system in /target, run the install routines, then run dpkg suplying
> > the different root dir.
> yeah, i asked the question on #debian just after posting my feature
> request, and someone told me about the --root= option to dpkg. but still,
> its not supported by dselect and such (dselect only knows about
> --admindir). I think this support was just put into dpkg for the
> floppy-based installation system, but is not utilized otherwise.

I have a pretty neat sollution for that. Remember "--get-selections" and

1) "dpkg --get-selections" so you will be able to get back to your previous
selections later

2) "dselect select" the stuff you want

3) if you have a chance of wanting to use the same selections again later,
"dpkg --get-selections" again (to a different file)

4) plug a spare disk and mount it in /target

5) install the stuff with the same dpkg command line dselect uses, plus

6) "dpkg --set-selections" from the file you saved in (1) to get your "old"
selections back

Then, maybe deity could support that. They already have a "to" concept that
could be made to use "--root" in the first version (it's planned to do
network installation later)

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