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Re: feature request for the install system : install linux from linux ?

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> > Would it be difficult to hack the current installation system, so that one
> > could plug a spare disk into an already-installed linux system, and run
> > the installation program from this system ? of course, the installation
> > program would have to write to the spare drive, and never to the running
> > linux system that 'hosts' the installation. It would avoid us having to
> > get down a computer for the whole time of a linux installation, which
> > would probably be nice for a lot of small companyes. I dont think that any
> > distribution is able to do this yet.

> dpkg has a feature to install onto a different root dir. You could mount
> the system in /target, run the install routines, then run dpkg suplying
> the different root dir.

yeah, i asked the question on #debian just after posting my feature
request, and someone told me about the --root= option to dpkg. but still,
its not supported by dselect and such (dselect only knows about
--admindir). I think this support was just put into dpkg for the
floppy-based installation system, but is not utilized otherwise.

well, perhaps noone else likes the idea after all :) but its surprising to
me :)

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