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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

>>"Adrian" == Adrian Bridgett <adrian.bridgett@poboxes.com> writes:

Adrian> The person would probably check the documentation first, but
Adrian> for something like this, why not leave it open. I havn't heard
Adrian> anyone say that they *prefer* pine to encode it, just that
Adrian> some don't consider it a bug. The more "bug reports" about it,
Adrian> the more likely the pine developers might listen. OTOH they
Adrian> may have an attitude problem (I used pine for a few years and
Adrian> it has several idiosyncrasies that IMHO should have been fixed
Adrian> ages ago - a little pain then to save alot of pain now).

	I don't hink you have seen the pine developers reply. It is
 unlikely there will be a change. The reason not to keep it open is
 that it contravenes the spirit of the nag messages, and the weekly
 reminders that the bug is open. What am I to do when I start getting
 nag messages? IMHO, we should address this issue about usage of the
 bug tracking system rather than sweeping everything under the carpet!
	(Personally, I think it is a bug, but I don't feel strongly
 about it; I do feel strongly about keeping Bugs open).

Adrian> FWIW I disagree with the "only free software" policy. For
Adrian> instance GPL software isn't really free as you are not allowed
Adrian> to do anything you want to it. It's a commercial world and
Adrian> some people are prepared/need/don't mind paying for someones
Adrian> hard work.

	Unfortunately, then, you are at variance with most Debian
 developers who voted in the DFSG.

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