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Re: Doing CVS based Package maintainence

>  c) cvs-upgrade
> 	Given a package a new upstream source (possibly unpacked
> 	already), a package name/version, (or a debian/changelog file)
> 	it imports the new upstream sources, and then checks out the
> 	latest version (-jsource-dist:yesterday -jsource-dist:Today)
> 	incorporating the new upstream patches.
> 	You should be ready to check things and commit them when
> 	satisfied. 

Does this mean that we would have the opportunity to take a standard
Debian source package (imported into a vendor branch), do our own
custom modifications to it, and cvs-upgrade would handle merging
in the custom modifications with the upgraded Debian source?  Or would
that be separate step?  I've never used cvs to track upstream sources,
so I'm not clear on that.

>   Is there any interest in this? I would hate to put in this kind f
>   effort unless it is really going to be used. 

It would be invaluable if it enabled site-specific patches to be
carried over automatically when the package source is upgraded.

Have you looked at cvsup?


 - Jim

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