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Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

Now, this isnt a bug, so I felt perhaps this was the best place to post
it, so we could see what peoples opinions were besides mine.

In one of the older versions of the lynx package (when "colors" in lynx
were brand new) it was configured so the background was a light gray,
letters were black, links were red and blue as they were now.

At first, I didnt like this compared to original lynx monochrome, but I
came to like it.

Then came an upgrade a while back.  Lynx chnaged colors.  It is still "in
color" but now the background is black, characters are gray, the LINKS are
a VERY ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to read blue and red.

My eyes hurt when I use lynx now, and Ive given myself a couple months to
get used to it, so its not just "old habits die hard".  Its just so hard
to read stuff, its not a pleasure to use lynx anymore, its a pain, I dread

Is there any chance the original color scheme could be restored?  Is that
even the "proper" thing to do?

I know the package maintainer is doing a good job.  Lets all help him by
discussing our preferences here.  If its votes, Im voting for the nice
easy to read one.  Am I the only one for who its hard on the eyes?  Does
anyone have any better color schemes than the first one I mentioned?

And yes, I did read all the manuals to see if it was something
configurable.  It doesnt appear to be.

Peace Out,

Manong Dibos              *elCapitanoDelBoholClub*

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