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Re: fidogate

On Aug 12, Nils Naumann <naumann@unileoben.ac.at> wrote:

 >I have created a fidogate and ifcico 3.0 alpha package for my fidonet
I finished yesterday packaging the full ifmail-tx, but since there will
be a fidogate package (your or Marco's) I would like to package ifcico
in a way useful to fidogate users.

My package uses /var/spool/ifmail/{inb,outb} for spooldirs, I can see
from the makefile of fidogate that the default is for directories named
after binkley. If you don't like the path used by ifmail, what do you
think about using /var/spool/fido/{inb,outb}?

Do all parts of fidogate run as id news? I packaged ifmail to run as
id ifmail and I could use a name like "fnet" (even if that would
be a big PITA for italian ifmail users), but I will not use the id
of another subsystem.
Probably you will have to put in the postinst something like:
if [ -d /var/spool/ifmail/ ]; then
  chown -R news.news /var/spool/ifmail/
  exit 1

BTW, AFAIK there is not any ifcico 3.0 :-)

I also packaged binkd, when I will have my pgp key signed by a developer
near me I will ask for an account on master and upload both packages.


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