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Re: Diety UI draft

> Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it> writes:
> > Are you suggesting that we all recompile packages every time
> > we make an upgrade? What .deb (binary) files are here for then?
> No, those with really serious bandwidth limitations or a desire to
> compile everything from scratch (for security reasons or whatever)
> would use this option.  Others could continue as before.

It's a Nightmare... just imagine recompiling teTeX, XEmacs, GIMP
and a couple of other *big* packages... sources+.o during compilation
goes up to several hundreds of Kb. A distribution is good because
you ont need to recompile yourself the packages you trust or you
dont want to customize. If I can update spending less money, the 
distribution is better that others (well debian is now better than
other, but lets make it perfect!).


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