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Re: anti-spam package [modified tcpd version ...]

On Aug 20, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> An anti spam package should not be bound to tcpd but allow a list of sites
> to be denied access to be integrated into different applications. Exim for example
> can prohibit access from a host or user@host for spam protection and would need
> a different file format.

tcpd will just include a list with host names. There is no special file
format. If exim allows you to use external files to list the hosts to
deny access from it should either use the same file format or use a simple
shell script to convert the file.

> Heavy duty sites do not run their mailers via inetd.

It's easy to modify a program to use the tcp_wrapper directly. Programs
like the portmapper or sendmail use the tcp_wrapper library for it.



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