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Re: Installing from floppies

Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> The following just came up on debian-user earlier today;
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> I'm planning to install Debian from a pile of floppies.  However, there
> are some packages that won't fit on 1 floppy.  How should I do this?
> --------- End forwarded message -------
> Has anyone ever given this serious thought?  The people I imagine doing
> this have a non-debian box connected somewhere else.  The first solution I
> can see would be to split up the packages in the msdos archive (using
> dpkg-split).  This is a pretty platform dependent solution, so other ideas
> are welcome.  Maybe a cgi the splits on demand?  Of course there may be
> other solutions available to the user like using pkzip with unzip.
> However, the support of multipart archives is minimal on my machine at
> least.
> Comments?
> Brandon

There is a sploiner programm for unix, msdos, Amiga and other platforms
as well I think. It's great to split packages on one system and put them
together on another. It can even make a backup disk and with that work
even if one disk is damaged or gone missing. Using it would require the
user to do every package manually.

I'm downloading everything onto disks myself and I make a big tar of
everything I want to take home, split that up and coppy it. At home I
copy it to /tmp and put the files back together. This requires enough
diskspace to hold the packages but one need that anyway to install the
packages later.

Haveing the install running directly from disks is a very bad idea,
cause disk have to many errors.

Maybe ftp clients should be able to split incomming files directly to a
certain size. This would be espezially usefull together with the get
bla.tar option.

May the source be with you.

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