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Enhancement to the bug system (Was: The pine base64 bug - policy)


	I do not think that a feature request is a bug with a
 different priority. I think, if we modify the bug tracking system,
 then feature requests should be implemented orthogonal to bug

	I would like to have priorities on feature requests, as well
 as bugs. 

	If you think of the bug tracking system as a kind of database,
 then munging bug reports in with feature requests violate the first
 normal form. As that suggests, we would find it very hard to
 implement different practices (or business rules) for bugs and
 feature requests, which I think is required (bugs should be fixed
 asap; with nag mail for really old bugs; feature requests should not
 be thus penalized).

	At the least, I wuld like to have an address like, say,
 considered@bugs.debian.org or todo@bugs.debian.org to separate out
 feature requests for my package from the real bug reports.

 Thufir's a Harkonnen now.
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