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Re: Diety UI draft

> Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:
> >   Mirror picks up packages that I never use --- timidity-patches
> >   (10MB) for example, costs me an absolute minimum of 25p (about
> >   $0.40) assuming I get 7k/s out of my ISDN (optimistic), it
> >   normally costs double or more than this, and I've never even
> >   installed it.
> Actually I read what I said before, and I realized that it made me
> look like I'm not aware of (or sensitive to) the people who have to
> pay more for their connectivity.  I am aware of them, and I do think
> we should keep that in mind when we're working on tools.  One of the
> best things might be if we eventually automate source builds (which
> people are discussing now), and then make it possible to use a mirror
> tool that migrates diffs.  Then you just wouldn't mirror the .deb
> files, and except when the upstream tar files change, all you'd ever
> pull down would be the .dsc and .diff files (ideally anyway).

Are you suggesting that we all recompile packages every time
we make an upgrade? What .deb (binary) files are here for then?

> (You probably already know this, but...) One thing to do to help with
> the "picks up packages I never use" issue is to use exclude_patt's
> judiciously.  You could even run "mirror -n" to generate a list of
> what it's about to get, and then add new packages you don't want to
> the exclude_patts before you ever download them the first time.  I do
> that to exclude things like the duplicate set of base disks I don't
> need, X-servers I don't use, etc.
> > 500MB ?  I've managed to fill a 850MB partition, and I don't mirror
> > source or bo-updates.
> Hmm.  Mine's 570, but I only get source for non-US. The rest are
> binary-i386 only.  If you want to see my mirror file, let me know.

I dont have that much space on my machine (P150 laptop w/ 1.1Gb HD) and
I _do_ _pay_ for every single minute the connection is up.
Most of my friends (all Debian users) are in the same condition.

AT now I use dftp, selecting manually wich packages to include 
(/yes/yes/no/yes... argh!). If only something like that could be
included in deity:

1. download Packages.gz
2. Present new/upgraded packages to user 
3. User selects and assign priorities (like base stuff first, then devel,
then X11 and finally games)
4. Deity download packages and if the connection goes down 
   begins from where it left the next time...

My 2c.

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