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Re: Diety UI draft

On Aug 1, Rob Browning wrote
> Federico Di Gregorio <fog@perosa.alpcom.it> writes:
> > Are you suggesting that we all recompile packages every time
> > we make an upgrade? What .deb (binary) files are here for then?
> No, those with really serious bandwidth limitations or a desire to
> compile everything from scratch (for security reasons or whatever)
> would use this option.  Others could continue as before.

Hmm. I always thought that's what CDs are for ;-)

I live in a country where the phone calls aren't cheap, too, and I would
never dare to try dpkg-ftp trough my Zoltrix (aka Zoltrash) 14.4 modem. So I
buy CDs.

Also, BTW, this brings up a good point: why do we ask people not to sell
"unstable" snapshots? Currently I can't go on with becoming a Debian
developer because I won't get around to upgrade gcc, libc6-dev etc for a
time :-( (And I plan to buy Greenbush's Hamm snapshot subscription next
month, so I'm glad someone ignored the recommendation not to sell it.)

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