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Re: Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

On 12 Aug 1997, James Troup wrote:

> SirDibos <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:
> > And yes, I did read all the manuals to see if it was something
> > configurable.  It doesnt appear to be.
> Blah.  Try the end of /etc/lynx.cfg.

Thank you.  With a bit of fiddling and experimenting, I found the values I
wanted.  The relevant ones are:

COLOR:0:lightgray:black => COLOR:0:black:lightgray
COLOR:1:blue:black      => COLOR:1:blue:lightgray
COLOR:6:red:black       => COLOR:6:red:lightgray

Does anyone else have any opions before I go ahead and ask the package
maintainer to make this the default preconfigured setting?

My bad for not reading /usr/doc/lynx


Manong Dibos                *elCapitanoDelBoholClub*

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