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Re: I2O article

On 27 Aug 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> > Anyhow, since they are supposed to run VxWorks on the i960 it may prove
> > very hard to reverse engineer the executable format, kernel interface,
> HUH? VxWorks for the I960 has been supported by gcc/binutils for
> *years*... Intel funded the original port.  There are problems in I2O,
> and OHI sounds like a "good place to stand" to fight them, but these
> aren't it.

Forgive me, but I know nothing about VxWorks.

My assumtion would be that just because GCC can target i960 and VxWorks
style binaries doesn't mean you can legaly generate them. If VxWorks is
anything like QNX is for their embedded systems, you will pay through the
nose for the libraries and headers you will require to generate a working

Presumably their libraries would be covered by a some kind of license and
it would not be possible for just anyone to fire up gcc and create a
working i960 VxWorks program..

Otherwise where does Wind River get their revenue from? 


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