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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

	I have a question, then, about the way the bug tracking system
 is used. If people are supposed to let feature requests linger in the
 system, then the NAG system and any attempt to ensure all bugs over X
 days be closed is in error. Also, the intent of the weekly bug
 summaries also seems wrong.

	Personally, I would like to off load the feature request in a
 manner similar to forwarded upstream handling. No nag requests,
 nothing showing in the weekly summaries. It'll still be tracked (not
 being in a closed state) by the bug system, and show up on the web

	How much work would it be to implement such a enhancement? we
 should be able to steal code from the `forwarded' section, and would
 need to update the instructions pages.


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