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Re: Dumb question about Debian packages

> Hi,
> please accept my apologies for a such a dumb question like this (I
> am just starting as a developer and am having a heck of a time
> compiling packages designed for libc5 with libc6):
> is it legal, or more than legal _reasonable_ that a Debian developer
> makes changes to the upstream source code to make the package
> compile with libc6 headers and libraries?

There's nothing wrong with making changes to the software to make
it work - after all, that's why we are using Free Software.

> If indeed this is the only way to go, should I try to get my modifications
> in the upstream version, i.e. contact the upstream maintainer?

I think the upstream maintainer would appreciate this in many cases.
Many of the upstream maintainers don't run Linux, or they are running
a copy of Slackware or Red Hat, and haven't made the move to glibc

> Yesterday I had problems with Samba (it compiled at the first try in a
> libc5 system but in a libc6 system it took me the whole day to figure
> out what modifications were needed) and today is happening with the
> packages I maintain (ipx and ncpfs).

You should forward your modifications for Samba on to the maintainer
of the package - Klee Dienes <klee@debian.org> - so he doesn't have
to repeat your work.


 - Jim

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