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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

Santiago Vila Doncel <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> Who decides what is a bug?

Nobody.  Everybody.  It doesn't matter.  You believe 3253 to be a
feature request, and I believe it to be a bug.  It stays in the bug
system either way.

> But *I* would call myself a bad maintainer if I keep this open and let
> others to waste their time with it, when we have so many more bugs to
> fix, against free packages, and much more serious than this one.

Let each person decide for themselves how she wishes to spend her
time.  You may not wish to spend your time fixing it, but by closing
the bug you prevent everybody from fixing it.

Feel free to send a long message to 3253-quiet explaining why you
think pine's behavior is not a bug but a missing feature.  Explain
that bugs x, y, and z should be fixed first.  Explain that pine is a
non-free package anyway, so not much effort should be spent on
improving it.

When priorities are implemented, feel free to set 3253's priority to
the lowest one.

But don't close it.

> I though the goal was to produce the best *free* Unix. Remember that pine
> is a non-free package.

Yes, but phrasing it like that makes the wrong implication.  Our Unix
is the best, and it's also free.


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