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Re: Hosed my debian system.

On Jul 30, Noel Maddy wrote:
> On 27 Jul 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> > On %M %N, Hamish Moffatt wrote
> > > Good point. Perhaps we need a non-bash shell then for this reason?
> > > Or a static bash?
> > 
> > no. people like me should think before they use --force-depends.
> > if you update all 3 packages (bash,libreadline, l...g) at the same time,
> > everything is fine. 
> Ach...I grabbed bash, libreadline2, libreadlineg2, *and* ldso with dselect
> through dpkg-ftp.  Left me in the same marvelous state, but fortuneately I 
> could still run ldconfig in a spare root shell that I already had running, 
> and get back to a usable system and then do the installation bit-by-bit manually.
> IIRC, dselect tried to install libreadline2, then libreadlineg2, then ldso 
> -- it was hard to be sure, since the error messages were scrolling by so 
> rapidly, but I think that the first seg fault came from the libreadline2, 
> and after that everything failed -- except for ldconfig, of course ;)
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> Noel Maddy <nmaddy1@biostat.hfh.edu>

Same thing here. I think I should be more careful if I upgrade anything
essential next time...

BTW: Noel, please shorten your lines.

"Rhubarb is no Egyptian god."
Marcus Brinkmann

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