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Re: Deity UI draft

Bill Mitchell wrote:

> I wasn't being snotty when I asked if diety was aimed just at
> those with fast net connections.  Buying CDs helps a lot with the
> bulk of the distribution (even if that snail-mail snail does take
> a long time to reach my remote corner of the world).  Even with a
> CD, though, downloading package upgrades can kill me.  I need to
> pick and choose what I download, and I'd bet that I'm not alone
> in that.  Having a slick front end which would help me do that
> and drive a backq end to automate the downloading of the packages
> I pick&choose would be very nice.  Having a slick front end that
> doesn't help me out in a limited bandwidth situation isn't nearly
> as useful.

I'm in a similar situation (I pay per minute, from a fairly low
budget), and I use dpkg-ftp to keep up to date with 'unstable'.  I
have found that I don't use dpkg-ftp's download selection at all.

Instead, I use dselect's "hold package" command on packages that I
don't want to upgrade yet.  This combines nicely with dselect's
knowledge of package dependencies, and is much more comfortable than
dpkg-ftp's long yes-no list.  dselect even lists those held packages
first for me, because they're "upgrade available".  The only exception
is for new packages that I don't want to download yet.  They get mixed
in with the packages I don't want at all, so I have to remember to
check there occasionally.  Overall, it works fine.

Since Deity will have this "hold" command too, presumably with
similar functionality, I don't foresee any problems.

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