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Re: DQS and pvm (Hi, Drake Diedrich)

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Drake Diedrich wrote:

>    On further discussion the author, DQS will have to go into non-free. 
> SCRI doesn't approve of someone creating a commercial package and
> reselling DQS. 

Has anyone looked at NQS?  It's got two huge advantages:

1) GPL'd
2) It served as the basis for the Posix Batch System specification, an
   addendum to ANSI 1003.1

I've got a preliminary package done just for personal usage which I'd be
happy to clean up and put out.  While I'm at it, I've also got UMich
ldapd, MIT Kerberos, and Cygnus Kerbnet .deb'd in pretty good form, but I
can't remember my password on master.  If someone would like to mail me
personally with instructions for what I need to do, then I'd be

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