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Announcing GNU CSSC ("Compatibly Stupid Source Control").

At the suggestion of jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl, I'm posting
this announcement to debian-devel@lists.debian.org.

 ---cut here---

I'm pleased to be able to announce a testing release of GNU CSSC.  We
are currently at version 0.02, development edition (i.e., not a stable
release yet), patchlevel 5.  CSSC is, of course, covered by the GNU
General Public License.

CSSC may be found in the file (about 270K long, compressed)

GNU CSSC ("Compatibly Stupid Source Control") is a workalike for
the traditional SCCS suite.  If you didn't already know what SCCS is,
please use RCS instead of trying CSSC.  This software is not
reccomended for new projects, but is a faithful reproduction of
SCCS, though some features, notably binary file support, are not
available yet.

CSSC comes with a test suite and my principal aim for the prerelease
is to get CSSC tested on as many platforms as possible, and to obtain
new test suites so that more extensive testing can be done.  Once
enough testing has been done, a real public release can be made.  In
the meantime, I would be very grateful for any contributions, most
particularly new tests.

Documentation is provided, but is very incomplete, and if you need
much documentation you should be using RCS or CVS instead.

Platforms on which recent versions of CSSC have been tested
successfully include:-
  GNU/Linux             g++
  GNU Hurd
  Solaris 2.5.1         g++
  Digital Unix 4.0      g++

Platforms with which there are known problems include:-
  SunOS 4.1.x           (test suites require /bin/sh to support ".")
  IRIX 6.3 (GCC         (BUG: admin -r does not work correctly)
  configured for 5.3)
  AmigaOS               (Problems with /bin/sh running the test suites)

Comments about the CSSC package should be directed, please, to
<jay@gnu.ai.mit.edu>, and not <JYoungman@vggas.com>, which is my email
address at work.  CSSC was originally based on the public domain
package MySC, which was written by Ross Ridge.


Please note that the remarks below refer to released GNU software,
such as tar and gzip, which are both required to unpack CSSC, but do
not refer to CSSC itself, since that hasn't been officially released

[ Most GNU software is packed using the GNU `gzip' compression program.
  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.

  For information on how to order GNU software on tape or cd-rom, and
  printed GNU manuals, check the file etc/ORDERS in the GNU Emacs
  distribution, ftp the file /pub/gnu/GNUinfo/ORDERS on prep, or
  e-mail a request to: gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu

  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
  develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
  support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.

  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.
  Please try them before prep.ai.mit.edu as prep is very busy!
  A possibly more up-to-date list is at URL

  thanx -gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu

        ASIA: ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp, tron.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp/pub/GNU/prep
  cair-archive.kaist.ac.kr/pub/gnu, ftp.nectec.or.th/pub/mirrors/gnu
        AUSTRALIA: archie.au/gnu (archie.oz or archie.oz.au for ACSnet)
        AFRICA: ftp.sun.ac.za/pub/gnu
        MIDDLE-EAST: ftp.technion.ac.il/pub/unsupported/gnu
        EUROPE: ftp.irisa.fr/pub/gnu, ftp.univ-lyon1.fr/pub/gnu,
  ftp.mcc.ac.uk, unix.hensa.ac.uk/mirrors/uunet/systems/gnu,
  src.doc.ic.ac.uk/gnu, ftp.ieunet.ie/pub/gnu, ftp.eunet.ch,
  sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/mirror/gnu, ftp.win.tue.nl/pub/gnu, ftp.nl.net,
  ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/pub/gnu, ftp.informatik.tu-muenchen.de,
  ftp.germany.eu.net/packages/gnu, ftp.etsimo.uniovi.es/pub/gnu,
  ftp.funet.fi/pub/gnu, ftp.denet.dk, ftp.stacken.kth.se, isy.liu.se,
  ftp.luth.se/pub/unix/gnu, ftp.sunet.se/pub/gnu, archive.eu.net
        SOUTH AMERICA: ftp.inf.utfsm.cl/pub/gnu, ftp.unicamp.br/pub/gnu
        WESTERN CANADA: ftp.cs.ubc.ca/mirror2/gnu
        USA: wuarchive.wustl.edu/systems/gnu, labrea.stanford.edu,
  ftp.digex.net/pub/gnu, ftp.kpc.com/pub/mirror/gnu,
  jaguar.utah.edu/gnustuff, ftp.hawaii.edu/mirrors/gnu,
  uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu/pub/gnu, ftp.cs.columbia.edu/archives/gnu/prep,
  archive.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/gnu, gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/GNU,

James Youngman                               VG Gas Analysis Systems
The trouble with the rat-race is, even if you win, you're still a rat.

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