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Re: Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

On Aug 12, 1997, at 13:57, Richard Braakman wrote:
 > I changed colour 4 from magenta to brown, so that text printed in
 > boldface would actually stand out.  (I tried brightmagenta and white,
 > but for some reason that turns off boldfacing on the console.  Works
 > fine in xterm though.)
 > I also changed the background on colour 6 from black to lightgray.
 > That gives a much more cursor-like feel to the currently selected
 > link.  Once I'd done that, the foreground colour could be toned down
 > from brightred to red.  (I had trouble figuring out which was the
 > current link, particularly on screens with only one or two links per
 > page, such as the bug archives).
 > That makes for a colour layout like:
 > COLOR:0:lightgray:black
 > COLOR:1:brightblue:black
 > COLOR:2:yellow:blue
 > COLOR:3:green:black                      
 > COLOR:4:brown:black                                             
 > COLOR:5:brightblue:black                     
 > COLOR:6:red:lightgray
 > COLOR:7:magenta:cyan                                           
 > The changes I've seen suggested here all have one thing in common:
 > they change fairly ordinary text from "normal" colours to "bright"
 > colours.  Perhaps the real problem is that lynx's colours are too dim.
 > Either that or they were never intended to be foreground colours.

A quick question: I have lynx installed on my system (Version 2.6) and
didn't find any references to using colors. When I use it on the
console, links appear in bold, and that's about it. I didn't have an
/etc/lynx.cfg file either; I created one with the COLOR: sentences
above, but nothing changed. I also tried copying that file to $HOME,
but nothing happened either. What am I missing? Do I need a later
version of lynx? Do I need the lynx packaged for Debian (I just
downloaded the one I have in .tar.gz format and compiled it myself)?.

Gonzalo A. Diethelm G.

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