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Re: I2O article

> style binaries doesn't mean you can legaly generate them. If VxWorks is
> anything like QNX is for their embedded systems, you will pay through the

AFAIK, VxWorks is in fact nothing like QNX  :-)  The vxworks apparoach
is dymanic linking, all "library" type things are on the board, and
you can search the symbol table from the monitor.  There are vxworks
header files that are part of what they sell -- but you can acutally
develop without them, and I've done so in the past.

> Otherwise where does Wind River get their revenue from? 

(1) The runtime itself (2) the non-free debugger and environment that
they sell.  Probably other things too, but you can check their web
page, they're big on press releases :-)  They've certainly *got* lots
of revenue, they just bought one of the other compiler companies :-)

Again, my point: I2O is a problem, but vxworks is *not* why.  (VxWorks
is *wierd* in some ways -- imagine a unix-like function library that
has file descriptors, but doesn't have dup() or anything equivalent.
But that's just wierd.)

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