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Re: Alpha status?

On Aug 4, Danny ter Haar wrote
> Tim Sailer <sailer@sun10.sep.bnl.gov> wrote:
> >What state is Debian's Alpha effort in?
> We re-installed the current debian-axp that is on available and it's
> not good.

Not to sound defensive, but in what way is it not good?

The install disks are, reportedly, quite rough, and there's still a
couple of things that need to go into the archive (which will, I
guess, happen when master's been relocated), but I've been running
this system for several months, now, with X and everything, and I've
found it very stable.

> >Should I even bother trying?
> Not at this timeframe. We will setup an axp machine open for
> developers of debian packages so that they can develop/maintain
> their packages. With the aid of Digital-Netherlands we will get an
> 300Mhz for a limited time.  Once that machine is up and running we
> will get some stuff done that we can call a distribution ;-)

Well, if we can get Tim's system installed (BTW, Tim, if you can get
me the specs on that machine, I maybe can whip up a kernel image for
you), we might have a week or two with a nice fast machine *now*.
That'll help a lot, as my UDB is far from a performance champion.

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