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Re: Debian on Solaris

I thought a lot of the debian-solaris porting got done a *long* time
back, when master.debian.org (or maybe just ftp.debian.org) was still
a solaris box?  I suppose it has been a long time and that this must
have bitrotted some.  What complexities did you run into with .19?
I'd rather see them fixed; getting an old version working seems, well,
pointless, though perhaps short-term expedient...

I'd be quite willing to port .19 to everything in the office (well,
maybe not AIX [*ewwww*] but maybe so) if people were actually likely
to use it there and send in reports.  My local sysadmins have already
jumped on rpm as the way to handle that, so I won't get much help from
them, though... 

A "strategic" system to port it to might be NetBSD, actually, given
the gaping lack of packaging on that side of the planet... apparently
there is literally "no trusted source of binary packages for NetBSD"
according to some local research.  Anyone here interested in that?
(ie. actually building packages, or supplying bug reports?)

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