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Re: Bug#3253: Pine base64 bug

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:

> > So?  How does that make uselessly over-encoding a plain text file
> > right?
> It makes in unnecessary.  It doesn't make it _wrong_.

It's wrong because it increases the size and makes the encoded plain
text file useless to people without MIME-aware tools, *when there is
no need to do so*.
> > I can't believe you are seriously trying to claim that anything
> > documented is not a bug, I refer you once again to the
> > hypothetical example of a documented alias ls='rm -fr', is that
> > not a bug?


> A documented unintended behavior is a bug.  Documented intended
> behavior is not, regardless of whether the behavior is what you
> personally would like or not.

So you don't think a man that trashed your harddisk (if that were
documented and intended behaviour) would be a bug?  What then, pray
tell, is it?  Good, correctly-written and bug free software?

I don't see what is so holy and almighty about documenting something
and claiming it's intended.  Documenting something broken doesn't make
it any less broken.  Something that's broken, but was intended by the
author is no less broken.  Debian is about free software[1], if Debian
thinks something is broken, we can fix it.  [Do any of you (i.e. Dale,
Brian, Santiago) have any good reason to reject a patch if it were
presented which fixed #3253?]

[1] Yes Dale, I am aware Pine is non-free, however it allows
    distribution of patches to the source, enough for my point


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