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Re: dpkg-checkpackages

Bill Mitchell writes:

> > As requested on debian-user I have written a dpkg-checkpackages which
> > reads some Packages files and checks for its integrity.  This should
> > prevent CD manufacturerer from broken archives.
> Doesn't this duplicate, or at least overlap, deblint(1) from the
> debmake package?

Dunno, never used deblint.

>From the manpage:
       deblint - Check binary package for errors

       deblint debian-package

       deblint  unpacks  the  package and checks the contents for
       satisfying various criteria.  It lists Warnings and Errors
       on standard output

If I understand this correctly, deblint looks at _one_ package.
dpkg-checkpackages works opposite to dpkg-scanpackages and checks
the Packages files on ones archives.  This seems to me a completely
different task.



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