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Re: Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

Martin Buck wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 11, 1997 at 05:32:42PM -0700, SirDibos wrote:
> > I know the package maintainer is doing a good job.  Lets all help him by
> > discussing our preferences here.  If its votes, Im voting for the nice
> > easy to read one.  Am I the only one for who its hard on the eyes?  Does
> > anyone have any better color schemes than the first one I mentioned?

I also had trouble reading pages with lynx's new layout.  Thank you
for starting this thread, it got me experimenting with the colours and
I like them much better now.  I started with Martin Buck's
suggestions, and I made two more modifications.

I changed colour 4 from magenta to brown, so that text printed in
boldface would actually stand out.  (I tried brightmagenta and white,
but for some reason that turns off boldfacing on the console.  Works
fine in xterm though.)

I also changed the background on colour 6 from black to lightgray.
That gives a much more cursor-like feel to the currently selected
link.  Once I'd done that, the foreground colour could be toned down
from brightred to red.  (I had trouble figuring out which was the
current link, particularly on screens with only one or two links per
page, such as the bug archives).

That makes for a colour layout like:


The changes I've seen suggested here all have one thing in common:
they change fairly ordinary text from "normal" colours to "bright"
colours.  Perhaps the real problem is that lynx's colours are too dim.
Either that or they were never intended to be foreground colours.

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