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Re: Important Issue: lynx colors for ease of use

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Gonzalo A. Diethelm wrote:
> A quick question: I have lynx installed on my system (Version 2.6) and
> didn't find any references to using colors. When I use it on the
> console, links appear in bold, and that's about it. I didn't have an
> /etc/lynx.cfg file either; I created one with the COLOR: sentences
> above, but nothing changed. I also tried copying that file to $HOME,
> but nothing happened either. What am I missing? Do I need a later
> version of lynx? Do I need the lynx packaged for Debian (I just
> downloaded the one I have in .tar.gz format and compiled it myself)?.

Yes, you do need the lynx packaged for debian.  According to the comments
in the config file, it has to be compiled with slang support.  If you are
running debian, then it is always recommended to install the debian
package of a program, if there is a package for it.

Good luck,

Don Dibos                      *elCapitanoDelBohol*

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