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Re: DQS and pvm (Hi, Drake Diedrich)

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Todd Graham Lewis wrote:

> Has anyone looked at NQS?  It's got two huge advantages:
> 1) GPL'd
> 2) It served as the basis for the Posix Batch System specification, an
>    addendum to ANSI 1003.1

   I looked at it.  It's smaller, and probably cleaner internally (having
been recently rewritten with that goal in mind).  However, it's missing a
few key features:  parallel queues, subordinate queues, queue suspension
based on X11 activity.  DQS is also Posix based - the original DQS
Reference Manual was an edited copy of the ANSI document.
   GNQS could probably be enhanced or configured to support these
extensions, but if it can, no one on the mailing lists knows how, and the
author is no longer around (had limited funding for the rewrite, and is
busy elsewhere now).

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