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egcs (New GCC)


I was just reading on usenet and came across a post that pointed me to
this URL: http://www.cygnus.com/egcs

Here is a quick cut from there to sum it up:
egcs is an experimental step in the development of GCC, the GNU C

A bunch of us (including Fortran, Linux, Intel and RTEMS hackers) have
gotten together to return to the fundamental idea that code visibility and
submissions from the net are vital to the long term improvement of the
compiler. We are going to integrate variations and patches to GCC that are
floating around, including some front-ends like g77 (Fortran). We are
going to work closely with the free OS'es (e.g. Linux, *BSD) where GCC is
a critical piece of infrastructure. We invite you to join us.

The go on to say they have realeased the first weekly snapshot of GCC, and
plan to have a 'release' out by September. Judging by the content of the
page and the thread I found the URL in I would have to say they intend to
produce a version of GCC that is not FSF released.

I might download their snapshot if it's not too big, I'm hoping they have
got the G++ 2.8 patches in it!

Someone should really package this, but I wonder if two versions of GCC
will cause alot of trouble?


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