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Re: ldso downgrade [weg@purdue.edu: need HELP in RECOVERING a DEBIAN SYSTEM]

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> Hello!
> This poor guy got no response on debian-user for several days.
> He downgraded ldso, *ugh*.

This is not precise, but thank you fror the care.  Francois Gelis
(gelis@lapp.in2p3.fr) wrote this on debian-user:
>> I have installed an apparently 
>> incompatible ldso version 1.9.5-1 on a
>> libc5 debian system.  Some library was
>> not found so I have decided to down
>> grade to the previous version of ldso
>> (1.8.x-x). But then rm could not be
>> found.  In short I could not downgrade.
>> The end result is that nothing seems to
>> be found.  I am still logged in, but
>> trying to telnet to the system results in
>> disconnection.
>I had exactly the same problem yesterday (1.9.2 
>already installed and deselect wanted to downgrade
>to 1.8.10). 
>First, I think you must shutdown the computer
>(the hard-way, with reset since halt will not work).
>Then, assuming you have kept your installation-rescue
>floppy, you boot the computer from this floppy, 
>select the keyboard in themenu, and go to the end
>of the menu where you can run a shell.
>Then, mount your root partition on the hard drive on
>/target (or on some directory you create since the
>rescue floopy have the command mkdir).
>Then, go in /target/lib and check if ld.so.1.8.xx
>and ld-linux.so.1.8.xx are here.
>If they are here, then it means that dpkg 
>crashed only at the end of the process and that
>you need only to create manually a symlink.
>You must create a link ld-linux.so.1 -> ld-linux.so.1.8.xx.
>Then, you need to update the linker cache, by running
>(i) ldconfig is not on the rescue floppy, so that you need
>to run /target/sbin/ldconfig (the small libc5 of the floppy 
>contains all the symbols needed by ldconfig, fortunately).
>(ii) the paths in the config file /target/etc/ld.so.conf
>refer to the root / which is now /target. You should edit
>this file with ae to add a /target at the beginning of each
>path it contains.
>(iii) Then, you must run:
>/target/sbin/ldconfig -f /target/etc/ld.so.conf -C /target/etc/ld.so.cache
>(you need to specify all the paths explicitly, since the default
>one work only when the root is mounted on /).
>Then cross your fingers and try to reboot from the Hard drive.
>X will probably not work, but you can reach a virtual console if
>it boots. Then, you have to edit again the file /etc/ld.so.conf to
>suppress the /target in the paths, and run again ldconfig
>(just ldconfig, this time, since the default paths will work).
>Now, you should be able to start xdm or startx...
>Hope this works (it did for me).
>P.S.: Working from the rescue floppy is quite a mess. The floppy
>has very few commands, and a tiny libc5 unable to runmost of
>the commands on your hard disk (dpkg, man, vi,... won't work).
>For the man pages, go into the right directory, uncompress 
>the manpage you need to look at, and read it with more...

I have also communicated with with David Engel who corroborated the
above advice.

So thank you both.


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