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Re: `install-info'

[ There are two messages preceding this one in the thread.  It is
about a rewrite of the Debian GNU/Linux `install-info' perl script.
You can view those articles through the Debian mailing list archives
on www.debian.org ]

 Emacs info mode will highlight:

Topic Heading    becomes *bold* _underline_

Topic Heading    becomes *bold* /italic/ _underline_

Topic Heading    becomes /italic/ _underline_

 I've just pasted that fontification into the XEmacs-20.3beta version
of `info.el' also.  I think that the Debian `install-info' script
should be able to cope with the ====, ----, and **** underline
characters, by putting added info entries below the underline
characters, not between them and the heading, and that it should
insert underlineing too, when it creates a new heading, to make the
directory look better.

 So you can have topic headings in nodes, and subnodes in dir files.

Debian question: How are package maintainers to decide where to
                  install-info the manuals to their package?

 Here's what *my* setup looks like right now.  I've got
`Info-default-directory-list' set to:

'("/usr/local/src/xemacs-20/info/"		; dir from XEmacs
  "/usr/info/"					; dir from Debian
  "/usr/local/lib/xemacs/packages/info/"	; localdir
  "/usr/local/info/")			; neither

... and `Info-additional-directory-list' is set to:


 I've editted the dir that comes with XEmacs to change the "Packages"
heading line to:

Local Packages

... and have removed the "* Locals:" line that was at the end of it.
The localdir in ...packages/info/, which you can see is the third
directory to be processed, looks like this:

* Calc::	Calculator mode for XEmacs.

* Gnus::	A netnews and mail reader for XEmacs.
* Message::	Emacs message composition mode.
 It gets seamlessly inserted below the Local... line and becomes part
of (in the upper portion of) the main menu of (dir)Top, which is the
XEmacs-20.3beta dir with the Debian /usr/info/dir catenated to the end
of it.

mailto:karlheg@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom)
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.3.1  Linux 2.0.30+parport AMD K5 PR-133

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