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Re: bzip2 -- no longer non-us?

>However bzip2 is still too slow at uncompressing to be used in .deb
>files IMHO.  Here are my tests on the same file (Sun Ultra 200MHz) :

>                size            Compr. time     Decompr. (s)
>gzip -9         9566095          74              6
>bzip -9         7386799         218             78
>bzip2 -9        7467838         150             44
>bzip2 -1        8852622         115             26
>bzip2 is several times (4->8) slower than gzip, so users of slow
>machines may not be happy.  And with the -1 option, savings are not so

Yes, decompression is -even with the new generation of bzip- significantly
slower, however I think the amount of space saved far outweights the
additional time needed to uncompress the packages.

We have enough partial mirrors that can not the whole disribution due to
disk space constraints. More packages would fit on distribution CDs
and people that transport the distribution home via sneakernet and 
install/upgrade directly from harddisk, don't have to devote that much
diskspace anymore. Those people that update via a modem link would also
appreciate the decreased download times. 


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