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I think install.{html,txt} should be improved in the area of diskless
installation, a section like the following would go a long way to help
people, I've helped a number of new users on IRC with exactly this.



Zero Disk Install
  It is possible to install Debian without any disks if you have a
  bootable dos partition. Create a directory called /linux and place 
  the following files in it:
  Reboot into dos and be sure to load as few TSR's as possible, generaly
  this is done by pressing F8 when the 'Starting DOS' or 'Starting Windows
  95' line appears on the screen. After than press SHIFT-F5 for a command
  prompt if a menu appears. Do not try this from a Win95 dos shell!

  To begin the install type:
   > cd\linux
   > install

  This will load the linux kernel and a ram disk and begin the
  installation procedure. If you need to place any special options then
  you may edit the install.bat file and add them at the end of the first
  line. <Perhaps a text copy of the boot F? instructions should also be

  <Insert bit about how to tell the install how to find the c:\linux dir>

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