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Re: Debian contacts

On Aug 4, Sue Campbell wrote
> Occasionally people need to contact someone about a particular aspect
> of Debian. For those of us with bad memories, this can be difficult,
> so I started keeping a list of different jobs and who was responsible
> for each. Others might find this useful.

Rather than using addresses of individuals, I think it is better to have
more permanent addresses [Computer Science meta-pattern #0: add another
layer of indirection], in the form of aliases that (almost) speak for
themselves. We have some of those already.

> Board of Directors: (still active?)

Isn't there a debian-bod mailings list? 

> Officers:

Should have an alias.

> Distribution (Ftp, 

Can/do we have ftp@debian.org?

> Web, 

There is webmaster@debian.org.

> Bugs):

There is owner@bugs.debian.org.

> Misc:
>    PGP Key Maintainer - Igor Grobman      <igor@debian.org>
>    Mail List Administrator - Pete Templin <templin@bucknell.edu>

>    Security - Christian Hudon             <chudon@ee.mcgill.ca>
>               Klee Dienes (alternate)     <klee@mit.edu>

>    Publicity - Mike Neuffer               <mike@i-Connect.Net>
>    mirror list - Karl Ferguson            <karl@tower.net.au>
>    DNS maintainer - Tim Sailer            <sailer@bnl.gov> [server buoy.com]

Security is probably special (currently security@debian.org ->
debian-security@lists, right?). For the others, IMO we should have
{pgp,listmaster,publicity,mirror,dns}@debian.org aliases.

> Docs:


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