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Re: dpkg.rpm?

> There is no need actually for dpkg on other systems than Debian for
> manually unpacking or transforming via alien any *.deb archive. It is

Of course one can manually unpack stuff.  That's not the point here:
the user in question would like to "dpkg -i jade*.deb" on his redhat
system.  (In the end, I'll probably do the conversion from my side,
but people have talked of having some success with installing dpkg on
top of a non-debian system; think of it as a migration path, or a form
of evangelism :-)  After all, if unpacking with ar/tar was good
enough, they'd have just gotten the sources and built them.  [Consider
this as an argument for dpkg builds for other platforms too -- the
sysadmins here are using rpm to maintain /usr/local across a bunch of
platforms, redhat "supports" that usage...]

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