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Re: Installing from floppies

On Sun, Aug 17 1997 17:29 EDT Brandon Mitchell writes:
> The following just came up on debian-user earlier today;
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> I'm planning to install Debian from a pile of floppies.  However, there
> are some packages that won't fit on 1 floppy.  How should I do this?
> --------- End forwarded message -------
> Has anyone ever given this serious thought?  The people I imagine doing
> this have a non-debian box connected somewhere else.  The first solution I
> can see would be to split up the packages in the msdos archive (using
> dpkg-split).  This is a pretty platform dependent solution, so other ideas
> are welcome.  Maybe a cgi the splits on demand?  Of course there may be 
> other solutions available to the user like using pkzip with unzip.
> However, the support of multipart archives is minimal on my machine at
> least.
> Comments?
> Brandon

Well, personally I transfer as much as possible with floppies (to an
laptop without CD-ROM drive) and UUCP the rest (gcc, some libraries which
are too large).
This requires an working Unix around, of course.


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