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Re: Diety UI draft

Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mozcom.com> writes:

> Currently, I'm using an old 9600 BPS modem (hardware problems).
> That's not my 100-400 bytes/sec thruput bottleneck, though.
> I see my modems TD and RD LEDs dark much of the time.  I'm on
> Boracay island in the Philippines.  My net connection is thru my
> modem to a Boracay ISP, a (probably async 33kb) link to Kalibo on
> Panay island, perhaps to Iloilo at 64kb, then to Manila from either
> Kalibo or Iloilo at 64kb, then to SanFrancisco, at 128 or 256kb.
> I think it's the SF-Manila link getting clogged up and/or lost
> packets & timeouts which kills my thruput.

Interesting setup, I figured it might be something like that, but I
had forgotten that you had moved to the Phillippines.  That certainly
explains the throughput.

> ...I'd bet that debian developers are in general better
> connected than debian users...

I'm almost sure that's true.

> Having a slick front end that doesn't help me out in a limited
> bandwidth situation isn't nearly as useful ... (Also, more unique to
> my situation than the low thruput, U.S. business hours fall after
> midnight locally.  Tying up the phone with overnight downloads makes
> me difficult to contact.)

I can certainly see both being a problem.

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