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Re: Color schemes worth a bug report? (Re: lynx colors for ease of use)

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Didn't you read the mail from Martin? IMO, a light default background is no
> good idea, because people do not expect it from a console program. Color
> shemes are highly personal, and so the default should be as unobtrusive as
> possible. It is better for your eyes anyway. It is ok to change the colors
> of the links to mak ethem readbale, but let's leave the black background, ok?
> It is a pain to your eyes, wenn you work at night and start lynx.

I have to disagree here:  Having the light background would bring lynx
into sync with slrn (which also has a light background).  I also usually
work at night in the dark, and it doesnt bother me much.  I appreciate
being able to read things easily.  And blue on black, no matter how
bright, is NOT easy to read.  Or at least, not pretty to read anyhoo.
Same with red.

If things are this bad, maybe it best to just go back to the old
monochrome scheme, which was at least readable, eh? ;)  Maybe at the
install time you could be prompted which "color" scheme to add?


There are several color schemes, some of which are easier to read.  The
popular ones are:
1) The old monochrome scheme
2) White background (very easy to read, perhaps a bit jarring in the dark)
3) Black background
4) Keep your old one.
Note:  You can customize the colors yourself by editing /etc/lynx.cfg

Please choose one of 1 , 2, 3 or 4:

Comments anyone?  It could be "yet another" one of the little things that
makes debian nice and user friendly, easy to use, and the superior

Peace out,

Don Dibos                     *elCapitanoDelBoholClub*

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