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feature request for the install system : install linux from linux ?

Just thougth about this today. I have to reinstall a linux server, and as
I cant have it down for a long time I have to prepare my installation on a
spare disk, and then plug it into the server. So, I have to shut another
computer down to plus this spare disk in and install a debian system on

Would it be difficult to hack the current installation system, so that one
could plug a spare disk into an already-installed linux system, and run
the installation program from this system ? of course, the installation
program would have to write to the spare drive, and never to the running
linux system that 'hosts' the installation. It would avoid us having to
get down a computer for the whole time of a linux installation, which
would probably be nice for a lot of small companyes. I dont think that any
distribution is able to do this yet.

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