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[opic lists] Re ANNOUNCE ....

On Sat, 23 Aug 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > > Three new mailing lists have been created:
> > 
> > What a hassle.  I now have to go subscribe the mail archiver and go
> > subscribe myself, and I'm going to just filter them all back in
> > debian-devel.
> Agreed! I do the same thing right now with debian-changes,
> debian-devel-changes, and the various debian-bugs lists. It doesn't
> improve things but instead makes keeping track of everything that is
> important that much harder.
There have been a proposal on either here or debian@ . It said: well, make
it mandatory to have a "topic marker" on the subject, chosen from a
predefined set. I like that idea better, because you can much easier choose
what messages to read, and can do the filtering on good patterns.
Typing 'd' some times is much easier than subscribe and unsubscribe to
In the last case, it would be easy to designate a new marker for the bug
handling issue, and everyone not caring about it could redirect it to
devnull. After a conclusion has reached, it could be posted as [conclusion],
and the killfile could be resimplified.

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