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Re: Lists of Maintainers

> what information do we want do distribute :
>  Name
>  Location 
>  Xeath coordinates
>  no email addresses, house addresses etc.
> -> public 
> > This _is_ important, as the current xearth.debian file has the note
> > that it can only be distributed in a _debian_ xearth package. 
> aren't email addresses included in that file ?
> some people don't like to give their email addresses to public.

If you are a maintainer, you already have an email address listed
in indices/Maintainers on any Debian archive.  It would be nice to
have a canonical source for these, so the maintainers can update 
their email addresses by themselves (if they move).

There might be a case to have a 'public' email address and a
'private' email address.  In my case, they are the same.  But some
people might choose to use their '@debian.org' email as their
public one.

Another item I forgot to mention:

- web page

I'd like to have a link to my web page from 
http://www.debian.org/people.html for instance.


 - Jim

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