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"New maintainer" address dead? & misc. questions "non-us" misleading? (was: Re: Non-free section ) "virtual" and "real" maintainers Re: "virtual" and "real" maintainers [Suggestion] /usr/doc /usr/local again... About |exec /path/to/program in MTAs. Acceptable license question Re: alien FYI Re: ANNOUNCE: New Logo and Feedback Page for the Debian Logo (v4) Anyone there? app-defaults vs. Xresources Automated bug reports Available Debian Packages AW: fdformat surprise AW: MS Exchange Barbarians.html Base-passwd 1.2.0-4 uplocaded to master. Bash 2.0? Breaks: field in control file? Bruce offline due to flood Bug Blitz update 27/1/96 Bug in tar? Re: Bug with Sendmail 8.8.4 Re: Bug#6231: Bug in libg++27 Version: Re: Bug#6287: deb-check 0.2 report on /var/pub/debian/bo/binary-i386/devel/gettext_0.10.26-0.deb Re: Bug#6316: Is /usr/bin/[ still needed? Re: Bug#6316: Is /usr/bin/[ still needed? (xyzzy) Re: Bug#6334: deb-check 0.2 report on /var/pub/debian/bo/binary-i386/mail/smartlist_3.10-9.deb Re: Bug#6386: Bug in deb-check Re: Bug#6394: dpkg: dselect's treatment of Recommends Re: Bug#6398: joe: segfaults on large files Bug#6495: Bug with Sendmail 8.8.4 Re: Bug#6614: Problem with cron, cfengine, and/or dwww Re: Bug#6619: apache default paths Re: Bug#6621: Bug in cfengine Version: 1.3.8-1 Re: Bug#6638: cweb incorrectly installs /usr/local/lib/cweb Re: Bug#6643: debmake 2.61 : debstd can cause invalid source archives to be built Bug#6656: RFE of /etc/magic (patch included) Bug#6688: release configuration not managed properly Re: Bug#6721: CPP removes GCC Re: Bug#6732: xbase 3.2-1.1 : two things: hostname changing, backspace handling Re: Bug#6770: No hosts.equiv in source package Re: Bug#6772: 9wm sloppy about state Re: Bug#6811: debmake 2.53 : /usr/bin/bug depends on joe Bug-States and Handling (was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases) bzimage doesn't work on some machines (Re: Dismal failures...) Re: Can't use applications with su CD issues CD policy change regarding $2 fee cfgtool and non-script configuration (was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases) cfgtool or something else (was: Upcoming Debian Releases) Changing (was: where/what is libdl1?) Common location for images? Conversion to new source packaging copyright issues an gimp plugins. Re: deb-check 0.1 uploaded to Re: Debian 1.2.2 and dependency on libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1) Debian development using the master account? Debian Emacs Lisp Policy? debian menu's Re: Debian Specialities Re: Debian Specialities (fwd) Debian's X Menufiles is broken debianize Utah Raster Toolkit anyone? deblint, anyone? Re: debmake & dpkg Debmake 3.0.0: Changes to Multi-Binary-Support debmake question ... dependency checker for archive needed the design of the dselect ftp method developers PGP keys Re: diald 0.15? diald soon to be orphaned Diald... accumulated connection costs Dismal failures with Debian boot floopy Distribution header Do we want to have sc? Re: Documentation formats DOS cross-compiler -- making a package downgrad libc OK with unstable deps!!! dpkg and /usr/local (and other nfs-mounted directories) dpkg-divert -- How do I use it? dselect thoughts dummy interpreters dupload mail address for "lazy" users elf-x11r6lib? (was: Revised Virtual Package Names List) Emacs and XEmacs coexisting Epoch usage note Error using dpkg-gencontrol and dpkg-shlibdeps experiences with boot-floppies Re: FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages fdformat surprise has no ftp anymore! Re: file structure of debian distribution Final version of the Standard for Console Messages fixed Fixed! Re: Serial ports/Modem slowness. Floppy-based installation FTP access to Re: FTP problem when using dselect (fwd) fully replacing files in other package? Future Debian CD plans Re: gated diffs? GDBM library to die Re: Goals for 1.3? How to make it shared I just noticed this logo I'll volunteer for some testing I18n, Latin. charactersets Re: IANA stuff IANA stuff (was: Re: Bug#6631: /etc/services is missing "cvspserver") Ideas about official Debian CD imagemagick / xv mime types IMPORTANT: Who holds dpkg responsibility now? Re: Is perl part of the system or not? Re: Is there a method of changing the name of a conffile? Is this a bug in dpkg-source Latin.-Codesets libc4 (Was: Re: New source format repackaging: Status.) libg++: -g .so libs in -dev package for gdb? links to shared libs in .deb file: order FWD: Linux-MIPS: Which distribution? Re: LinuxThreads soname Re: List of installation problems for 1.2 locking /etc/passwd Logos (Was Re: Future Debian CD plans) (fwd) long lines in source package (was: Re: no final newline in source package: how to deal with this?) looking for fvwm95 maintainer Looking for volunteer to build packages for non-US. Machine reboots during 1.1 -> 1.2.1 upgrade Maintainer Diffs generating new directories maintainer for kernel-related packages needed Re: maintainer of patch Maintainer(s) dead? making dselect easier to use Re: man pages for all Manual pages for GNU programs: template Me too! Re: menu generated windows manager files Mirror of master's incoming in germany/europe? The last update was on 06:10 GMT Fri May 17. There are 1194 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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