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Re: cfgtool or something else (was: Upcoming Debian Releases)

On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Well, cfgtool is finished and works. I don't know what the
> debian-admintool list is cooking up (since I don't have time
> for any new mailing lists, sorry). If they come up with
> something better, I'm happy to withdraw cfgtool.

Hm, I think I should elaborate on this. When I sent the proposal about a
new configuration scheme to you and several other Debian developers
through private e-mail in September, you came up with a C implementation
of it shortly afterwards.

Bruce created a new mailing-list ("debian-admintool") for the discussion
which was officially opened in december due to my slowness and the fact
that all power should go into polishing 1.2.

Just before christmas I re-wrote all my shell-scripts in "/etc" to prove
the approach of using a database for our goals (making _all_ scripts in
/etc truely upgradeable). It showed that the "complete" database as a
whole was very difficult to survey and the shell-scripts which featured
the database, too (I call it "sendmail effect"). So I decided to drop my
"cfgdb" tool for the original purpose (which caused trouble because it
seemed to other people like I would drop all the advantages - no). 

I'm currently in the process of cleaning up and re-structuring the
original proposal to cover _all_ shell-scripts in /etc, not only the very
simple examples I showed initially. The new release is scheduled for the
18th of January (sorry, there are 3 HOWTOs waiting in my queue).

So what I want to say is: your implementation of the database is fairly
good, but the new proposal for the configuration may not feature it at all
(nor my implemenation).


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