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Re: Future Debian CD plans

sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca writes:

> First, I think Bruce deserves some congratulations. He's doing a great
> job and too often people reserve comments unless they are negative.


> We also need to make sure we get proper feedback to proposals (not
> just negative). We should expedite the creation of a voting system
> so we can get a fair assessment of peoples thoughts on major proposals
> and keep the developers in control.

I think this is becoming quite important.  I rarely say anything when
I agree, unless I have something constructive to add.  While this
helps keep down on the noise, it can cause people who get into
arguments to feel isolated when there may be a large group of people
out there in quiet agreement.  It also makes it difficult to get any
sense that you have a general consensus for pursuit of a particular

Being able to see that, say, 78% of the developers think that
something's a good idea could be quite helpful at times.  Even if we
don't absolutely base decisions on these things (and I'm not sure we
should), just knowing which way the wind's blowing can be helpful.


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