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Re: DOS cross-compiler -- making a package

On 14 Jan 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> cygwin.dll has to match the release *exactly* -- you can't mix and
> match at all.  If Klee doesn't have time to update the cygwin32
> packages, they should probably be withdrawn (especially if they're
> missing the dll, so they aren't useful...)

I totally agree. I tried to use the package some time ago and had to put
it away desperate because the DLL was missing and I couldn't find the
right one anywhere.

So is there someone out there that has the right DLL on his system, i.e.
the version that goes with our package? If so, we should update the
package ourselves. If not, the package should be removed. It's just a
waste of disk space if the DLL is missing.


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