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Re: Bug#6619: apache default paths

Johnie Ingram writes:
 > Brian> the default paths compiled into the debian version of apache
 > Brian> are different from the default paths in the current apache
 > Brian> source.
 > As far as I can tell, this is normal for packages like Apache which
 > have default locations which do not comply with the FSSTD.

Ah. FSSTD. Now I understand. Of course, you must stick to that.

 > To be honest it never occurred to me that a Debian administrator might
 > expect the files to be somewhere other than /etc/apache

what happened was this: we have an apache based web-site that I have
installed on many different commercial unices and many different
versions of apache. Never had any problems, but everything in the
config files implicitly assumed the apache defaults.

when I tried to put it on a Debian system for the first time it failed
strangely. Took me a while to figure out that the debian-apache
defaults were different from usual.

I think it will be fine if the changes are documented clearly. 

I did look at the manpage and saw the FILES section, but I assumed
(wrongly) that the different paths would be chosen by 'apache -f
/etc/apache/httpd.conf' in /etc/rc.d. It wasn't obvious that they were
hardwired. Mentioning that explicitly on the manpage would be the best
place for people porting stuff to a debian system for the first time.

thanks for the explanation about FSSTND.

best regards
Brian Gough

p.s. the debian server is now running great.


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